MPs, TVs & GGs – random Sunday musings on greed and sloth

Even if MPs had kept to the guidelines as set out in the ”Green Book’ it still seems remarkably generous in what it allows to be claimed.

Take TVs, for example…

I know that Kaufman tried to claim for an £8865 TV – an eyewatering amount whoever was going to pay for it – and it was disallowed, but each MP was still entitled to claim up to £750 for  TV.

There seems to have been no requirement to economise or save taxpayers’ money at all, so MPs spent up to and, in some cases, due to Fees Office incompetency and/or corruption, over this amount.

Wouldn’t a £200 job from Curry’s have done them?

Apparently not, but £750 still buys quite a nice TV and, as it’s effectively free, even better ‘value’ for the MP wanting some viewing luxury.

(Yes, I have a 40″ flatscreen Samsung TV. Cost me about £500 I think. Bought and paid for out of my own pocket. I’d have liked to have spent a bit more, but I wasn’t getting a handout from the taxpayers…Same with my stereo system. If I was an MP I could have bought a £750 system with no questions asked. As it was, I had to make do with something a lot cheaper.)

They troughed and troughed and troughed, didn’t they?

Nothing was too expensive to try and claim for – everything was just bought without any consideration as to where the money came from.

And still the tales of greed spew out from the Telegraph…

When it’s not about greed it’s about how some MPs are such poor value for our money.

Here’s the worst culprit, who:

turned up for just five per cent of votes, spoke in only four debates and submitted just three questions to Ministers

The reason for his poor voting record is, according to this shonky fuckwit himself, that:

It is pointless to vote in most votes when the votes themselves are a foregone conclusion. Moreover, Parliamentary questions are used by many MPs for grandstanding.

Yes, it’s George ‘I’m a total cunt so somebody shoot me and put me out of your misery’ Galloway.

I don’t think it crossed his vapid mind that if you don’t vote then maybe the result won’t change, but if you do vote, it might make a difference.

There are worse troughers than this loathesome little gobshite prick, but no lazier ones and, certainly, none more utterly expendable, corrupt and politically inept.

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