Is the problem with Libertarianism some of the Libertarians themselves?

As readers of this blog may have noticed, I’m gradually moving towards espousing Libertarianism.

Many of the fundamental principles of this ‘third’ way appear to be very much in line with what I’ve looked for in other parties before but never found.

However, I’m having a real problem with Libertarians.

Not the whole crew, but a significant number who appear to be so far to the right and so vehement in their attacks on people with whom they disagree or dislike that I’m starting to wonder if I’m heading in the right political direction.

Libertarianism seems to be a broad ‘church’ and has left and right wing parameters like many political movements, but I’m not too happy with some of the extreme views I’m hearing from the right.

I really like Boatang and Demetriou’s blog . Go and check it out. It has impeccable Libertarian credentials.

Whilst it attacks sacred cows of every political hue fiercely and with language that is often more colourful than mine (yes, fuck me, really), it never descends to a personal level. It reasons forcefully but never hectors. It wants change, but always in a constructive manner.

Yes, someone might get called a ‘motherfucking cunt’ but never a ‘fat motherfucking cunt’ and although B&D are passionate about the causes they promote, I’ve never heard them wish physical pain and/or death on anyone they disagree with.

From that, then, you’ll have worked out what I’m finding hard to stomach about some Libertarian blogs – and which is becoming more apparent as, day after day, our troughing MPs are revealed as the corrupt shower of shits that many of us always thought they were but could rarely prove.

Yes, I’d like those the troughers sorted out and I’ve written how I’d like to see it done here.

Yes, our political system stinks. It’s not working for the benefit of the average law-abiding, tax-paying citizen and it’s allowing us to be robbed blind to pay for the shortcomings of others.

Yes, there’s total disregard for privacy and personal freedom and our views and opinions are disregarded by a political class that has zero accountability.

Yes, I’ve made jokes about stringing a few of the porcine buggers up, but I’d never do it and neither do I want to see it happen.

However, there seems to be a veritable deluge of bile and sheer naked hatred when comments are made on certain blogs.

Perhaps the people who comment are joking – although it doesn’t seem to be terribly amusing – and just venting.

However, I’m not always sure, as such comments are often made with such relish and glee.

Fair enough, some people might want our politicians dragged out of bed and lynched, but if that’s Libertarianism then, no thanks, I’d rather take the BN-fucking-P, as at least you’d get a fucking show trial.

I’ve also just read an extremely homophobic comment on a Libertarian blog that I frequent in which a well-known and heterosexual transvestite comedian who has come out in support of Labour has had all sorts of really very unpleasant homosexual abuse wished on him.

I’m pretty fucking broadminded and it’s hard to come up with much that really repulses me, but whoever made these comments came very close.

Yes, I’ve wished some buttfucking on a few people, but only when I thought they deserved it because of what they did, not what they were.

Big difference.

I don’t want some sort of moderate, vanilla debate.

However, I certainly don’t want immoderate opinions that seek to replace injustice with some sort of half-assed mob rule and kangaroo courts held before the ‘guilty’ are dragged off to the guillotine.

Maybe I’m reading too much into the words of some of the less moderate bloggers and the people who comment on their writing, so perhaps anyone reading this could put me straight.

I await enlightenment…

6 Responses

  1. Enlightenment?


    Some people are cunts. This is entirely independent of what label you pin on them or they take upon themselves.

  2. Oh, I agree 100%.

    I was just after a bit of input from some Libertarians – and others – who weren’t part of the lynch mob mentality that seems to dominate certain very popular supposedly Libertarian and, indeed, non-political blogs.

    Enlightenment…I was being a little tongue in cheek there.

  3. I certainly like the idea of a smaller, less intrusive government, but so much of Libertarianism reminds me of Victorian laissez-faire attitudes. I guess that’s why I came out “Liberal” in that political questionnaire you linked to a few days ago… I like the social aspects of Libertarianism, but I think economic Libertarianism would be disastrous. I want (and am happy to contribute to) a safety net for the benefit of everyone, because I think we’re social animals, not rugged backwoods loners.

  4. Thanks for the kind words, Steve. They are much appreciated.

    You’re damn right about the excessive right wing tendencies of some people in the LPUK – I see it as a bit of a personal mission to try and bring things back to reality.

    I’ll just keep on reading up on Libertarianism and plug away.

    G’d luck.

  5. You don’t want to reject libertarianism because of a few immature stupid libertarians. Be true to yourself. Only today I found the most street-useful definition of libertarian: LIBERTARIAN: One who does not wish to force an agenda on others; neither by fraud, gunpoint, legislation, judicial decision, or majority rule.

    This definition comes from the blog:

  6. As you know Steve, I’ve said a bit on this and have received some choice comments.

    The major issue is that a large part of the libertarian movement has been adopted by people who are really ancho-capitalists. It is all about removing the state completely, removing every level of what most people would require (education etc) which is contrary to the LPUK line on many things.

    I want, as do many such as yourself, a reduced governemnt, a smaller more accountable parliament, a reduced welfare state, more individual control over education and health, the removal of much of restriction of frredom.

    What I don’t want is five MPs controling the army because everything else has been privatised and gun ownership is 100% to ‘defend yourself from the state’.

    This debate is very important right now as libertarianism is gaining ground and I would urge people to join up and inluance the outcome.

    And language should be colourful, such a shame when it’s just black and white with a bit of beige!

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