MPs’ expenses – a 10 point plan to ensure *real* justice is done

I) All 646 MPs shall be investigated, using all available data regarding expense claims – whether paid by the Fees Office or otherwise.

II) Their accounts and claims shall be examined by independent auditors.

III) Any irregularities shall be reported to the Police, HMRC and other relevant authorities.

IV) If applicable, all resulting enquiries shall be pursued to the full extent of applicable laws, regulations and guidelines.

V) All MPs wishing to stand in the next General Election must first be cleared of any wrongdoing that has run contrary to existing laws, regulations and guidelines.

VI) Any MP who has been found to benefit financially or materially from having broken any applicable laws, regulations and guidelines must repay all relevant monies, or an equivalent amount as claimed for, in the case of material goods, taxes due on them and also interest on these sums – both gains and unpaid taxes – as per late payment interest rates set down by HMRC.

VII) If necessary, goods and chattels may be seized to pay any outstanding repayments, fines and unpaid taxes. If the proceeds from these do not cover any outstanding sums, then money may be taken from the pension fund due to the individual.

VIII) Any MP who has broken any laws regarding expenses will be barred for life from taking up any public office or any position of financial responsibilty in the private or charitable sector.

IX) Any MP found to have behaved contrary to applicable laws, regulations and guidelines shall receive no resettlement allowance.

X) Any individual found to have colluded in the misappropriation of expenses will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

2 Responses

  1. Sp[ot on. We need people of integrity to represent us. No one should escape the rule of law and the consequences of not obeying/

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