The Telegraph just doesn’t get it either…

A depressing article in the Telegraph that proves the old adage that a leopard never changes his spots.

Our readers are in no doubt about what matters in the scandal over MPs’ expenses, and nor is the country as a whole. It is the character and the conduct of our politicians that are at issue here, not structures or procedures or regulations. That is why the call from leading Cabinet ministers for the introduction of a system of proportional representation is supremely irrelevant to this crisis. It is the quality of the people who represent us at Westminster that matters, not the machinery we use to elect them.

Here we go…

Roughly translated the Telegraph is really saying is that if we keep the current electoral system then the Tories will win next time, so let’s just keep things all hunky dory the way they have been for fucking years, shall we?

Well, actually you fucktards, no, that isn’t what we all want.

It isn’t about the troughing or even the cunts who troughed – it’s about the fact that the British people are disenfranchised from their own elected Parliament and want less government and more say in what little government we can manage with.

Many of us want the repeal of a lot of the bullshit laws and regulations that NuLabour brought in over the last 12 years that threaten our peace, prosperity and privacy.

Cameron and Co simply haven’t got the balls to do it.

So, in short, take your reactionary paper and cram it up your fucking arse, you shower of servile cunts.

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