Flirting with Libertarianism

Well, I’ve looked at a lot of comment over the past month or so and I have to say that I’m becoming interested in Libertarianism.

I like the way it seeks to restore freedom to the individual but also involves a strong sense of personal responsibility.

It also transcends tri-partite politics which are, in my opinion, dying – if not dead already.

I also see it as offering credible solutions to a deepening economic crisis with its proposed abolition of personal income tax.

Sure, there are several aspects I still have problems with, but I’ve never found 100% satisfaction in any political party so far.

The main problem I have with Libertarianism at the moment is not the movement’s fault – it’s the closet Tories who are hijacking it.



One Response

  1. Good and fair post.

    It’s a broad church as a political creed or philosophy. Whether the party takes a broad approach is yet to be seen, though its more visible elements tend to be quite off the scale

    Mr B and I are pretty much two of the few balancing forces at work.

    And who can be surprised? We are demi-Gods.

    Whatever you do though, don’t look to Anna Raccoon for Libertarian inspiration, because she’s a fucking hypocritical bitch.

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