Three whores

I see that Esther Rantzen has confirmed that she will be standing as an independent candidate on an anti-MPs’ expenses fiddling ticket.

All well and good, especially as it may be against the corrupt and disgraced MP for Luton South – Margaret ‘Piggy’ Moran:

However, it seems that no sooner has Rantzen started to float her ‘big idea’ than she has become an apologist for our disgraced MPs.

I’ve just heard Rantzen on Radio 5 Live defending Shaun Woodward.

This may appear to be a strange way to start a campaign to clean out the Augean Stables that Westminster has become, but not so strange when you consider that Rantzen and Woodward worked on ‘That’s Life’ together and are friends.

My suggestion is that as many people as possible send all three of these characters a root vegetable amusingly shaped as a penis so that they can be rammed up the appropriate orifices.

Incidentally, I apologise to anyone who may have regurgitated their duodenum at the sight of Piggy Moran’s hat – but please note that I spared you the sight of Rantzen’s teeth….


One Response

  1. Yeah, I’d forgotten he had a history in TV. I mean, really… how difficult is it to find just a handful of sincere independent candidates with no potentially grubby links to the current bunch of lame ducks?

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