Conservativehome now delusional

I didn’t know it was possible to ram your own head up your arse quite so far until I read this piece on CentreRight.

Independents can never quite deliver the impact at Westminster that traditional MPs can but are great where mainstream politics has failed.

‘Traditional’ MPs – for ‘traditional’ read ‘corrupt fuckers way past their sell-by date peddling the same old tired and ineffectual ideas’ – are so successful are they?

And mainstream politics hasn’t failed in Luton where Esther Rantzen may stand as an independent candidate?

Even more delusional is the implication that mainstream politics are still succeeding elsewhere in this country.

Sorry, chaps, but mainstream politics are broken – kaput, screwed and fucked up from here to next Sunday and beyond.

To think otherwise and to look on the Tory party as some sort of Lone Ranger of politics who’s going to ride into town and clean up the place is so delusional that it’s almost worth giving the men in white coats a phone call.

We have a choice of continuing to vote tribally – Labour, Conservative or Lib Dem, and look where that’s got us – or for fringe parties – UKIP, the BNP or the Greens, none of which appeal very much, if at all, to the vast majority of disillusioned voters, and all of which have major flaws preventing them from ever becoming electable.

If that isn’t fucked up, I don’t know what is.


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