From MPs to Dictators

I guess I must be suffering from MPs expenses fatigue.

So, fuck ’em all – here’s some great music from a band that’s given me a lot of pleasure over many, many years – the Dictators (once called “the connective tissue between the eras of The MC5, Stooges, NY Dolls, and the punk explosion of the mid to late 1970’s”) with vocalist Handsome Dick Manitoba (AKA the Handsomest Man in Rock & Roll).

Still going strong and with Ross the Boss playing guitar better than ever.


DFFD – Dictators Forever – Forever Dictators!


3 Responses

  1. Dude, you got style and taste.

    I only wish you lived nearer to me, I’d have to press gang you into giving me guitar lessons!!

    Do you have any online clips of your stuff?



  2. Not “the” Ross the Boss?

    Blimey, yes… just checked the Wikipedia entry and it’s the very same man who went on to form Manowar!

  3. John, I’ve just put some stuff on this blog.

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