If Alan Duncan…

…was half as funny as he thinks he is then he’d be twice as funny as he really is…

His appearance on “Have I Got News For You” a couple of weeks ago must surely be coming back to haunt him now that he’s been shown to be as guilty of troughing as anyone.

Look at him about 6 minutes in and I defy you to find a smugger bastard anywhere on Planet Earth.

Now, of course, it’s a different story with Duncan waving a cheque for £5000 – a refund of the gardening expenses he successfully claimed – and saying how he doesn’t want to be thought of as a crook.

A bit too fucking late for that, you cunt.

Add into this pungent mix a very ill-judged and, it has to be said, very unfunny joke about murdering Miss California…

…and you have two very good reasons for Cameron to sack Duncan.

He hasn’t and he won’t and there’s the problem with Cameron – he talks tough but isn’t tough.

Cameron, I’m afraid, is yet another political lightweight.

Anyone who thinks he’s tough is either an intellectual pygmy, mentally ill or a Tory so tribal that they probably have a pair of underpants with a  photo of Thatcher on the front of them.

The only positive thing to come out of all this is the good news that an eco-activist has added a new feature to Duncan’s garden:

The bad news, of course, is that Duncan hasn’t been buried up to his cunting neck in his own garden, his head smeared in honey and a jar of wasps released nearby.


One Response

  1. That man made my skin crawl the first time I witnessed his self-satisfied attempts at humour in a social security select committee meeting in Parliament in 1994. Yuck.

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