Fuck you and the Cheeky Girl you rode in on

Lembit Opik – just another greedy troughing thieving cunt

Well, it’s a start I suppose, with one ‘sacking’ per side in the Brown versus Cameron ‘I’ve got bigger balls than you have’ contest.

The problem is that at the moment you’d need an electron microscope to detect any bollocks at all.

It’s almost amusing how the Tory bloggers are seizing on Dave’s token sacking of MacKay and praising him for showing firm leadership and then reflecting how glorious it will all be when the Tories win the next election, when peace, prosperity and harmony will be restored to this Sceptered Isle and we’ll all be living it up munching Mr Kipling’s French Fancies and quaffing Tizer.

Or something.

The sad fact is that due to the last 12 years of Labour’s fiscal ineptitude if the Tories do get in then public services will be cut and we’ll all be taxed more – not because they’re Tories but because we’re totally boracic.

Even if – by some miracle that will put anything in the Bible to shame – Labour do get another term the same unappetising scenario will ensue, although you can bet your boots that they won’t cut welfare payments which are, in their own way, as big a scandal as the MPs’ expenses troughing and far more expensive to fund.

(If I was pulling in every available benefit – really working the system in an effort not to work – then I’d certainly put my cross next to the name of a Labour candidate.)

Whoever gets in we face a decade of heavy taxation and reduced public spending.

More germane to this blog entry, whichever party gets in will still be composed of the same greedy fuckers their leaders have allowed to remain and the British public have voted for in their usual tribal fashion.

At present I can see no real sign that Brown, Cameron or even Clegg – who stands to gain a lot from the fall out over the whole expenses row – are taking anything approaching firm and decisive action.

I mean, FFS, Brown can’t even keep his bitches in line now:

Mr Miliband, the MP for South Shields, said it was “right to say sorry” and backed the Prime Minister’s calls for a new expenses system that would be seen as “wholly fair”.

But it is understood he will not be following the lead of MPs like Health Minister Phil Hope and paying back the taxpayers’ cash he claimed for his constituency home in the north east.

That’s just a big ‘fuck you’ to every taxpayer who’s funded his excesses that is.

If Brown had any balls he’d demote the little shit to the backbenches at the very least.

Similarly, Cameron has problems exercising his authority, with Alan Duncan paying back £4000 wrongly claimed for gardening, but David ‘Sack of shit’ Heathcote Amory being let off the hook completely despite submitting equally unallowable gardening claims.

Then there’s that snivelling little prick Opik who’s going to repay the eye-watering sum of £40 000 which he wrongly received for paying a tax summons.

Whilst I’m on the subject of this fucking clown, it’s worth quoting what he’s said about the Telegraph’s exposé of MPs’ expenses:

“The Telegraph have absolutely no empathy and no understanding, no willingness to give you the whole story, and that’s tragic.”

No, you wheedling little cunt, what’s tragic is you ripping me off, so fuck you and the Cheeky Girl you rode in on.

Fuck you all, you shower of corrupt and robbing cunts.

It’s so bloody depressing, and this normally peaceable blogger now keeps looking at lampposts, eyeing up lengths of  rope in hardware shops and then imagining a few of these thieving fuckers swinging in the breeze somewhere in Parliament Square.

For fuck’s sake, you so-called leaders – just do something that shows some leadership.

A cheque here, a resignation or a sacking there just doesn’t cut it.

We want heads.

Fucking rolling.

And lots of them.


Like right fucking now.


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