Dave and Dale Fail


I see Iain Dale’s quote of the day comes from Dave Cameron:

“I was elected by you to give a lead and I am now doing just that.”

I didn’t think Iain would be quite so easily pleased.

Is this a typical Tory attitude?

If so, epic fail.

As far as I can see it’s just a mild bit of wrist slapping from someone who hasn’t got the cojones to do what anyone who calls themselves a leader should have done as soon as this expenses sleaze started oozing out from the Torygraph.

Where are the sackings?

The withdrawls of the whip?

The signs of firm leadership?

Not anywhere within sniffing distance of Cameron, that’s for sure…

Another epic fail.

Nothing to see here.

Not a fucking sausage…

And all Brown has to do is sack a couple of sacrificial pigs and he’s trumped Cameron.


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