Why hasn’t the Telegraph nailed Balls yet?

It’s interesting how there’s been a resounding silence in the columns of the Telegraph about the expenses of Ed Balls and his MP wife Yvette Cooper. They’ve been in the news before regarding some funny business with their second homes allowance and they must really be raking in the bucks with them both having their porcine snouts in the trough but – so far – nothing…

I offer some suggestions for this silence below:

  • The Telegraph is saving up a BIG story to keep people reading it
  • Balls and Cooper have obtained some sort of secret injunction to gag the paper
  • They’ve not only obeyed all the allowances rules, but also kept within the spirit of them

Nail Balls – forget Cooper – and you really will have hit the floundering Brownite hulk below the waterline.

Let’s hope the shit we’re all sure is there hits the fan soon…


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