Plan update

For those people who give a flying one, the plan I keep banging on about is actually to relocate to France whilst we’re both young enough to enjoy it.

Even allowing for the poor property market here, we reckon we can get a 3 bedroomed renovated house with outbuildings and a couple of acres to grow vegetables and keep goats and chickens on for under £120K out in the sticks in France somewhere.

We now know we like Lower Normandy, Brittany and Mayenne. All we need to do now is look a little further south just below the Loire Valley.

Immediate plans are getting all the admin stuff thoroughly investigated and getting this house straight before we put it on the market.

All being well, we (the two of us and the cats) hope to be in resident in France this time next year.

We both love France and have had it with this country and its generally moronic and uncultured population.

Time to leave the sinking ship.


3 Responses

  1. Steve, i think your idea is admirable and brilliant.

    I wish you all the very best of luck with your endevours.

    If you haven’t chanced upon it already, there’s a website for expats of various countries called ‘AngloInfo’.

    it was very useful when I lived abroad for a spell.

    Good luck


  2. Many thanks, John.
    The nice thing is that it doesn’t rely on either of us working – although that’s always an option for a guitar teacher.
    I always wanted to retire early and it looks like a dream is coming true.
    Just the property market here to worry about, although anyone selling over the next 3 or 4 years is going to take a hit on their equity I reckon…
    Many thanks for the site name – it’s now on the iPhone for daily viewing!

  3. seriously, AngloInfo are brilliant. It’s a sort of franchise site, so there’s AngloInfo France, Anglo Info Cyprus etc. I used the latter one I mention here when I was over there.

    it’s extremely useful for guiding you through bureaucracy, such as, registering a car and tax info and shit like that.

    it also should have a forum and a classifieds where you can buy and sell shit from other expats – something I did when it came to motors.

    It’s also a sort of mini yellow pages. All round useful.

    If you can do it without working, and with the teaching as a back up option, you’re laughing.

    Any life skill like this is incredibly useful when trying to get by abroad. I had to turn into a sort of Del Boy character to survive when I lived abroad, and I also had to blag a bit with a job I took, but that was because I was young and poor and unprepared.

    Sounds like you’re doing it properly.

    G’d luck

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