What our MPigs actually eat from their Westminster troughs

Yes, it’s all here.

Where else could you have this:

Haricot Bean Soup with Croutons

Grilled Pork Escalope with
Creamed Peppercorn Sauce

for a mere £3?

No, that’s not a typo – the soup is 60p and the pork is £2.40.


Here’s a clue:

Read it and fucking weep.

Unsurprisingly, the whole exercise in keeping our MPs gorged at our expense runs at a fucking great loss.

Figures released under FoI show that in 2007/8, House of Commons catering had an income of £7,173,800, against an expenditure of £12,625,800 – meaning a subsidy of £5,452,000.

If it was a private concern it would have gone tits up years ago.

I’ve just emailed my MP asking how she can justify this.

I await her answer twitchily, with thoughts of lampposts and piano wire running through my head…

Hat tip to Old Holborn.


2 Responses

  1. i’ve only just seen this, this is crazy, they are eating a la carte menus for the price of school dinners.

  2. Please spread the word around.
    It was news to me until recently too and it’s a scandal – especially when most MPs make in excess of £165K a year.
    People should know about such things.

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