I was wrong about Jacqui Smith

Many thanks to Old Holborn for directing me to this.

Jacqui Smith has refused to give her cleaner a pay-rise for five years

Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, has paid her cleaner the same amount every year since 2004, according to leaked expenses claims.

In that year, she earned £95,000 as Minister for Women and currently earns nearly £142,000. She also employs her husband, Richard Timney, who hit the headlines earlier this month after it emerged her expenses claim had included £10 for two adult films he had watched at her home, as a parliamentary adviser.

However, the cleaner at her ‘second home’ in Redditch, Worcestershire, has been paid £2,400 a year – or about £46.15 a week – without a pay rise for five years. The national average wage has risen by 14.5% over this time.

A spokesman for Miss Smith said: “She has no intention of providing further comment on leaked expense documents.”

Yes, I was wrong about Jacqui Smith.

She’s not a cunt.

She’s a mean cunt.


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