Depressed? Moi?

You know what really, really depresses me?

The thought that even if Labour lost the next election and every single one of their MPs lost their seat, all of them would still make a nice living out of publishing their diaries and memoirs, getting directorships and consultancy posts, writing newspaper columns and renting out their second homes – not to mention the various schemes designed to ensure that every MP has an easy start to unemployment, a very good pension and the savings they’ve accrued.

And you know what?

We’ve made it possible for them to have all this.

Now I feel even more depressed.


2 Responses

  1. Well, maybe. Some of them will write their memoirs but, frankly, who the hell is going to be remotely interested in the ramblings of Hazel Blears even if she prices them at £1.99?
    As for directorships & consultancies, the well-known and media-savvy ones will get positions at advertising agencies, but again, who is going to hire a hapless ex- primary school cookery teacher whose stint in politics can only be characterised by greed, incompetence and utter failure?

  2. … and rather than having to wait four years before we voice our dissatisfaction, we can do so instantly, by not buying any of the crap!

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