Why bother voting? It’s all going Green anyway.

(The best photo I could come up with)

I don’t want a ‘green’ budget – but Shadow Chancellor George Osborne thinks we should have one.

This, of course, has given rise to the usual retaliatory posturing from Labour – Pick me, sir. I’m greener than he is!’ This time in the form of the predictable blatherings of arch-cunt Geoff ‘I’m a fucking greedy liar, I am’ Hoon.

There’s gold in them thar green issues – carbon offsets to be bought, lovely remunerative quangos and fake charities to keep the bucks rolling in for the favoured people, lots of doubtfully ‘green’ products churned out for people to feel good about being conned into buying.

Not to mention the extra laws, rules and regulations that governments – of any political hue – can heap on an already over-controlled public.

You might vote red or blue – even yellow – at the next election but the future looks set, sure as shit, to be green.


One Response

  1. I wouldn’t trust either party to put any decent environmental policies into practice. Despite 1997 promises, Labour have been dismal on that front.

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