Ian Tomlinson – a Daily Mail reader speaks

To be fair to the police, the guy was meandering around aimlessly with no apparant purpose or reason for him being there, and appeared drunk. I would have thought he was a protester, and given that he made no attempt to get out of the way of the police approach (in fact he looks like he is purposely getting in their way) – I would have pushed him out of the way too.

– AA, Herts

AA, you’re a cunt.

Now, fuck off

3 Responses

  1. AA is not alone. A great many (award winning) Tory bloggers made much the same point and seemed to say those who protest deserve to be beaten.

  2. Oh, indeed.

    I was banging heads with one particularly unpleasant Tory specimen last night elsewhere about this very subject.

    She suggested that if you thought a whack with a baton and a shove was a beating then you didn’t know what a beating was.

    In the end I’m afraid I gave up and directed my attention elsewhere..

    Some people seem to be beyond reason.

  3. Well, Tories are generally the ones who can tell us exactly what a beating is, given their great experience of the subject. It starts with the housemaster and ends with a set of handcuffs and a hired lady who lets you call her “Mummy”.

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