Lightweight radio host pwns heavyweight government minister

I’ve just come back from doing some shopping and had to have Radio 5 Live on the radio because I hadn’t got the aerial fitted on the car.

Whilst negotiating Milton Keynes’ cunning system of grid roads and roundabouts, I heard an interview between Anita Anand – one of the hosts of the ‘Drive’ programme – and Shaun Woodward – Secretary of State for Northern Ireland and Labour Member of Parliament for St Helens South – on the Crown Prosecution Service’s decision not to prosecute Tory MP Damian Green over leaks from the Home Office.

I quite like Ms Anand – she used to host the late night slot on 5 Live and showed wit, intelligence and a real sense of fun – but never had her down as a very searching political interviewer when she joined ‘Drive’.*

However, she really punched above her weight in the interview with Woodward and kept bringing the subject back to the leaks and also dropped in the McBride/Draper smear scandal for good measure.

Woodward, meanwhile, kept banging on about how all of this detracted from Labour ‘rescuing’ the economy and providing jobs for the jobless – real party line bullshit  –  and how the real pity of the Home Office leaks affair wasn’t so much the authoritarian treatment of an MP but the fact that sensitive information was leaked in the first place.

But Ms Anand soldiered bravely on and whilst it might not have been one of the great interviews of all time, she certainly showed that she had bigger cojones than your usual MSM monkey and gave Woodward a reasonably hard time.

If Shaun Woodward can get pwned like this then Labour really are fucked.

You should eventually be able to find the interview here.

*I’ve since discovered that her background is in news reporting, which may explain her incisive quizzing of Woodward. I hope she returns to more hard news work in the future.


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