Don’t ignore this danger from the Right.

I have never thought – not even for a nano-second – that Labour have a monopoly on dangerous ideas.

Here’s a very dangerous idea from the Tories – Tim Boswell MP‘s Private Members Bill:

Exercise of Reasonable Discretion Bill 2008-09

The Bill aims to ensure that public authorities and public servants would not be subject to any criminal or civil penalty as a result of the exercise of reasonable discretion in the performance of their functions. Its provisions would cover public authorities, public servants and contracts for public services. The term public authority is defined by the Bill and includes the NHS, the police, local and central and devolved Government and non-departmental public bodies. The formal intent of the Bill is to indemnify public servants, central government, local government and other public agencies from legal action if they take decisions in good faith, as a result of the exercise of reasonable discretion, in the public interest.

The ultimate ‘one size fits all’ get out clause, and one the present shower of shite in government would love to be able to use, I’m sure.

Who’d have thought that anyone would try and top the prolonged gang rape of our civil liberties by Labour?

Let us hope this authoritarian bill dies a speedy death as soon as possible.


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