Maybe not – but it’s time to call it a day…

…but not necessarily intelligent with it…


LabourList – reeling after Derek Draper left it and jetted off to the Canaries – tries to rally support and explain

Why the party isn’t over

So much self-deluded bullshit in one small opening paragraph.

I’m not remotely ashamed of the British left or of Labour Party members. We are people who dedicate our time, energy, effort, intellect and shoe leather to the common cause of greater social justice. We believe the best political vehicle for justice is the Labour Party, and we dedicate ourselves to making it the best party possible.


Where? When? Who?

Greater social justice?

Tell that to everyone who’s totally fucked off with being spied on by everyone from a council lackey seeing if you’ve recycled enough crap to a geek in GCHQ saving everything you say, write and see that can be electronically transmitted.

Tell that to people with savings who are getting 0.1% interest per annum after revelations that the Parliamentary pigs are snouts down and troughing on the money you paid in taxes.

Tell that to whoever the fuck you want – no-one’s going to believe you.


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