Mr Shit…

Milli Vanilli

…meet Mr Fan

Eminent political blogger Paul Staines aka Guido Fawkes has obtained access to emails between our illustrious PM’s aide Damian McSnide McBride – from a .gov address – and Derek Draper, a Nu Labour ‘insider’.

These emails are said to contain the raw material for an anti-Tory smear campaign in which the totally fabricated details – described by Guido as ‘obscene’ – would appear on a blog site called Red Rag, a sort of anti-Guido blog.

It is rumoured that amongst these ‘imaginative’ details there are allegations of sexually transmitted disease and mental illness.

Guido insists that no money has changed hands between himself and the press and it is widely anticipated that the smear campaign details will emerge in tomorrow’s papers.

McBride has now apologised but I really don’t think that that’s going to cool this story down, particularly with some evidence that suggests that he was not acting alone, as No 10 is insisting.

As they say in all the best journalistic circles, this one will ‘run and run’…


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