Are you positive this is 2009?

Only $9.95! *

FFS…everyone’s at this religion thing ** today.

A bloke getting nailed onto a cross is about as relevant in 2009 as some over-privileged old slapper with a nosegay going round giving a few fellow pensioners some special groats they can’t spend on porn and smack.

*Glowing Jesus on The Cross. A spun glass masterpiece depicting Jesus at the moment of His ultimate sacrifice glows with a brilliant inner light. Mirror backing. LED light base. 3″ x 2 3/4″ x 5″

**Do not click unless you are immune to the stench of sanctimony and hypocrisy.


2 Responses

  1. Now, the jewellry? Tacky.

    The bloke getting nailed to the cross? We’re just going to have to agree to differ on that, although I think you have to admit that if more folks in the world followed what He actually taught, we wouldn’t be in half the shit we’re in today.

  2. I didn’t express it at all well, but it was the blog I linked to that got me going.
    I believe politics and religion should remain separate and that blog just started to blur the division rather too much.
    I agree with what most religions teach. It’s just the fact that they all require the same thing; faith in something I know is an impossibility and – in its worse form – a denial of human ingenuity, endeavour and aspiration.
    Take the religion out of them and most religious principles seem to be a matter of common sense.

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