More thoughts on the G20 death

You know, if the Met – not to mention the IPCC – had handled the G20 death case a lot better and a lot more quickly then their reputation might not be as crippled as it is at the moment.

Yet, such vacillation and obfuscation might even be beneficial if it forces us to look at what sort of police force we really want.

Yes, one officer – the one who pushed Ian Tomlinson over – is now suspended – a week after the incident – but what about those who were with him and kept silent, even as the Met was sticking to its story that there had been no previous contact between Tomlinson and the police?

Surely such silence was an impediment to the investigation?

It may be that the officers present when Tomlinson was pushed over colluded to cover the incident up or just chose to keep schtum on an individual basis but certainly no-one in that group chose to come forward even when the Guardian video clearly showed that there was indeed ‘contact’.

What we certainly don’t need are any scapegoats or martyrs if we’re to gain anything of lasting value from this pointless and unnecessary death.

Yes, I do value a police force which keeps order where necessary and uses appropriate force but I want that force to be accountable, well-trained and run in the public interest.

As to what happens to people that the police apprehend then let a justice system sort that out, not the officer on the ground, unless it’s a matter of self-defence.

In the case of Ian Tomlinson, it certainly wasn’t.


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