Horse shit

Once again, the Mail manages to make a shitty situation worse with its cackhanded reporting of the ‘news’.

Of course, it really should come as no surprise that the ethnocentric suburban brain of the typical Mail reader is incapable of appreciating that not all the world’s inhabitants fret about house prices, ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and gay adoption, but the writer of this ‘story’ – a certain Liz Thomas  – has done her very best to take one bunch of whinging shitheads – BBC complainers – and somehow make their opinions even more narrowmindedly odious for another bunch of whinging shitheads – the Daily Mail readers.

Scores of angry viewers have slammed the BBC for broadcasting ‘sickening’ scenes of a horse being choked, stabbed through the heart and then skinned.

The disturbing scenes were shown in a documentary about the life of Siberian herders who selected a mare to be killed because she had failed to produce a foal.

Viewers watched in horror as she was lassoed and strangled by a team of five men – who were later described as ‘barbarians’.

Of course, what is totally natural to a Siberian horse herder is likely not to be so to a BBC viewer in Penge, but the Mail story compounds the ignorance and bigotry of the complaints by its over-emotive use of language.

Viewers barely had a moment’s respite before footage showed the bloodied carcass being dragged across the field.  Further close-ups followed as the horse was skinned, gutted and had her hooves hacked off.

And what’s exactly going on here?

Well, it’s sort of a double dose of misplaced outrage.

It’s outrage at someone being outraged.

It’s neither helpful nor fair on people who choose – possibly very wisely – not to live lives concerned with the financial global crisis and the erosion of civil liberties.

What a fucking rag.


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