Jacqui Smith – unrepentent

John Humphrys grills Jacqui Smith quite effectively here.

Scroll just over halfway down the page to 8.22 and click on the media player on the right.

Unrepentent doesn’t begin to describe Smith’s attitude.


One Response

  1. I wish Humphrys had been a bit more forceful, but it’s still a very revealing interview. Her attitude is clearly that she’s not the worst culprit in the Home Office… “if I’d sacked everyone who’d made a mistake”. Well, why didn’t you? Maybe a precedent of zero tolerance is precisely what’s needed here!

    And then the second home thing. To be honest, I don’t really care what she’s done, because she’s only playing a system that plenty of other people are playing. What I object to is the system itself.

    I’ve burbled about this endlessly in the past, but I think the system of London accommodation should be standardised. Via our taxes, we should pay for purpose-built blocks of uniform (but comfortable, and well-guarded) apartments near to Westminster, and for MPs’ travel in and out of London. Hell, let’s even pay for on-site parking, a gym and a restaurant. Plenty of private-sector workers get that sort of thing. But any other dwellings, whether in the constituency, or in London, should be entirely the responsibility of the MP and his/her family.

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