Shut up, peasants

Should proof be needed of the contempt in which the taxpayer is held by Nu Labour then a quick gander at this is all that’s required.

Gordon Brown says he has more important issues than MPs’ expenses to deal with as fresh controversy grew about bills submitted by his transport secretary.

Geoff Hoon insists he broke no rules in claiming second home allowances while living in a taxpayer-funded apartment.

Meanwhile, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith is contesting newspaper claims she billed taxpayers £40 for a barbecue in her second home, the BBC has learned.

The minister says she is “just about 100% sure” she did not claim for it, sources have revealed.

The Sunday Express reported she claimed a total of £304 for a barbecue, garden patio set and heater at her family home in Redditch, Worcestershire, which Ms Smith calls her second home.

But Ms Smith said “not all of the expenses” outlined in the newspaper were correct, sources told the BBC.

So, that’s one ‘fuck you’, one ‘I followed all the rules’ and one denial.



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