More parliamentary greed

Just when you thought you’d heard it all regarding MPs’ expenses and accomodation shenanigans it has emerged that Geoff Hoon had three homes on the go for over 3 years whilst he was Secretary of Defence.

1) A grace and favour residence

2) His constituency residence

3) His London residence which he rented out as he was living in his ‘official’ residence

His response on being asked about this very lucrative arrangement is both predictable and shameless.

I only claimed whatever the rules allowed for. I assure you I had it properly checked out. The [Commons] Fees Office was aware of what was happening.

It doesn’t necessarily mean I was making a profit. That is not a fair interpretation and I do not accept that.

All this at the same time that Jacqui Smith’s expenses have now been detailed in the press.

Amongst other things that are supposed to help her carry out her duties as an MP, she claimed for

a £304 barbecue, garden patio set and heater

It seems crystal clear now – if there was any doubt remaining – that there are some MPs who are taking the taxpayers for every last penny they can screw out of them, without regard to any moral scruples or how they appear to the people who put them in such a privileged position in the first place.

In short, our leaders hold us in contempt and it should come as no surprise that today almost every MP is regarded with suspicion.

The sooner this gravy train is derailed the better for everyone.

By the way, I make no apologies for using the Mail to source this entry – it seemed to offer the most informative reporting after disregarding the rhetoric.


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