The futility of the City protests

It was only 3 days ago, but the G20 protests just seem like ancient history to me today.

Two things stick in my mind about them:

1) How the protesters assumed the guy who died last Wednesday was a fellow protester –  he wasn’t – and that he was the victim of police brutality – he wasn’t.

2) A photo of two guys meditating at the Climate Camp on the BBC News site.

The photo amused me greatly and some exploration of blogs has thrown this gem up:

The scheduled activities in the Camp were:

(1) Buddhist meditation;

(2) how to fight climate change with poetry; and

I thought the meditation thing was a bit daft – not to say fucking moronic as even the Dalai Lama himself (and he knows a shitload about meditation) admits that meditation won’t alter climate change – but the poetry thing is even dafter…

e j thribb was there, I hope.

You can only imagine the quality of the ‘poetry’…

It’s too easy to rip the piss out of the climate change lunatic fringe, really…it’s way more sporting harpooning sperm whales in a jacuzzi…

I suppose that the main question is, did the protests actually achieve anything?

Well, to read some of the slightly more outre blogs you’d think that they did, but empirical evidence would suggest otherwise, and the protests just look more ineffective and ludicrous with each passing hour.

Basically a few thousand politically-naive young people had a couple of nice sunny days out and a few of them smashed shit up.

That’s all it was.

If you were a protester and it didn’t quite turn out to be as much fun as you thought it was going to be then don’t fucking take part in protests – they’re not meant to be fun days out for the bored and intellectually-challenged.

So…here’s to the next protest …they’ve happened before and they’ll happen again…

…but they won’t change a fucking thing.


2 Responses

  1. “Two things stick in my mind about them…he was the victim of police brutality – he wasn’t.”

    You might want to add a correction on this point.

  2. I have made my current position clear in later posts – and acknowledged that I assumed far too much far too soon.

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