No police state evident at G20 protests

The police…love ’em…hate ’em…they’re all that stands between those who abide by the law and those who don’t.

Most of the time I think they do a good enough job given the restrictions and workload placed upon them by a government and a bureaucracy that has little appreciation of the job that they actually do – just like teachers, nurses, social workers and the like.

Their behaviour and reaction during the G20 protests seemed somewhat predictable.

Yes, heavy handedness was evident at times but given the nature of their task – controlling a mob that greatly outnumbered them and that did contain some violent elements – I really couldn’t say that I’d keep my calmness and equanimity faced with that situation.

Sure, they’re trained to deal with situations like this, but that’s not the same as actually coping with them for real.

All in all, it wasn’t a perfect display of how to police a large crowd, but at least they prevented it from being a riot and I’m sure some lessons have been learned.

If we are heading for a police state then I’m glad to say we still have some way to go.


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