Carry on flogging

So, angry shareholders have expressed their feelings at the RBS annual meeting in Edinburgh.

Current chairman Sir Philip Hampton asked for an “end to the public flogging” over its past mistakes.

It’s all well and good to say that, but it’s yet another ‘Sir’ who’s not short of a bob or two, to say the least, telling people who’ve lost a lot of money to stop making a fuss.

Moreover, to equate people’s criticisms with some sort of punishment is to belittle the gross misconduct that caused RBS to go tits up.

No-one’s been actually punished for the ‘mistakes’ Sir Philip refers to – in fact, most people can only see rewards for total failure.

Criticism is no substitute for punishment but it’s all the shareholders  have since no-one in government or banking seems to have a fucking clue about how the people who look after our money should be rewarded or punished.

Let them complain and criticise since there’s fuck all else they can do.

It’s over when they say it’s over.

So, I say shut your voicehole, Phil, and listen – so that you’re in no doubt how severely pissed off people are with those who mismanage their money.

Then maybe you won’t fuck up in a similar fashion and you’ll earn your pension.


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