Professor Chris Knight – cunt du jour

The anarchist professor…could anything be more cliched?

Just because you’re an academic doesn’t mean you’re intelligent.

Here’s suspended Professor Chris Knight on yesterday’s G20 protests in the City:

“I’m feeling good. I said the revolution would happen at noon and it did. I’m sorry that the RBS got smashed, but it is only property.”

I don’t know what he’s a professor of – and I don’t really give a fuck – but it can’t be of history.*


Fucking grow up.

In real revolutions, cunts like Knight have their hands examined for signs of manual labour and if they’re absent then it’s up against the wall with you, motherfucker.

This ‘revolution’ was just a bunch of about 4000 people who couldn’t even fucking agree what to protest about.

As for it being ‘only property’, it was actually property part-owned by the taxpayers.

Part-owned by me.

So, if I smash your windows you won’t mind?

After all, it’s only property.

Fucking oxygen thief.

  • Anthropogy actually – that’ll be a lot of fucking good in the post-revolution chaos he longs for, won’t it?

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