The politics of envy?

I’ve just read that my Council – Milton Keynes – has appointed a new Chief Executive who will be earning up to £165 000 a year.

Nice work if you can get it – I just hope he’s better than the last shithead who fucked up the school building program big time.

However, it got me to wondering how big a part sheer envy has been playing in what’s gone on in London today and all the preceding greedy bankers palaver.

Certainly Sir Fred Goodwin stands out through sheer incompetency leading to an obscenely huge reward for it, but all around us I can see people with what I consider way too much money for what they do.

Footballers, for example. The top players earn about 50K a week before sponsorship deals.

I don’t like football – only occasionally watching an international if I think England are going to win.

About once a year then…

But that’s just the way it is, even though it could be argued that a good banker is probably worth more than any top footballer.

It’s all about supply and demand and it’s often not fair, but how else can you pay people?


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