Meet the new boss…

Somewhat predictably, the series of G20 protests in London seems to have failed to start peacefully, with some of the RBS building’s windows being broken and missiles thrown at the police.

However, if that’s the worst that happens before the protests are through then that’s not too high a price to pay for free speech, not that free speech will be around much if some of the people behind the protesters get their way.

This isn’t really about a motley bunch of anarchists or Trots sounding off against capitalism, it really isn’t.

That’s just camouflage as far as the brains behind it are concerned.

The vast majority of the people in that crowd are just poor bloody cannon fodder.

Once more the ‘Man’ is pushing the buttons and hitting the switches but this time it isn’t the businessmen or the politicians who are pulling the strings.

Instead, it’s the academics and the radical Greens who are pushing their climate change agenda, despite a lack of sound and unequivocal scientific evidence.

This would mean massive and totally unnecessary restrictions on everyone’s lifestyles and the suppression of dissent from anyone who disagrees with them.

And surely, when one of today’s protest leaders can be described as an ‘anarchist professor’ the alarm bells should start ringing in everyone’s head really fucking loudly.

Authoritarianism can be any colour.

Brown, black, red…

…and now it’s going green.


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