My MP’s a lemon and I want my money back!

I see from the handy spreadsheet that the Guardian has made available that my local MP – Dr Phyllis Starkey – trousered a hair under £155 000 in expenses last year, making her #190 out of 655.

Having had some dealings with her over a local council matter a few years ago, I have to say that she’s not fucking worth it.

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  1. Dr Phyllis Starkey’s expenses need to be checked. She designates her flat in London as her main home, which should mean that she spends most of her time there. Why doesn’t she live mainly in MK? Parliament sat for 166 days in 2007/8. The Green Book states that it should be a matter of fact which house is the main home. I believe she also has property in Oxfordshire. There are possible tax saving advantages of designating her homes in this way. Capital Gains and Council Tax. She has published some expenses on her website but the largest category called Incidental Expenses was over £21,000 last year and details have not been made public. Plus there’s the communications allowance that she spends £10,000 telling us how great the government are and how much she’s doing for MK!

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