The day after Earth Hour

I’ve spent a very interesting hour reading blog entries about Earth Hour.

Two blogs in particular caught my attention.

The first was so inadvertently amusing that I almost spewed my morning coffee over my monitor.

The owner of this blog doesn’t want any extracts of her articles publishing, so I’ll honour that wish as I doubt she’d give me permission to quote any of it – especially as what I’m about to say is somewhat critical.

This misguided Pagan individual had 13 ‘votive’ candles going in her candelabra whilst she ‘talked’ to the Goddess (and that tells you we’re not dealing with a rational individual here) then went along to meet her two friends who had 19 candles burning. Ah…20 if you count the tealight lantern that the blogger brought along.

Then they had a trance session with her drumming…

(This was the coffee-projection danger point, by the way.)

The lack of scientific thinking behind Earth Hour – both by its organisers and its participants – here is staggering.

Those 33 candles pumped more CO2 into the atmosphere than powering several electric light bulbs would have done – not to mention the other toxic chemical compounds released by them.

The blogger also advises her readers to buy shares in candle manufacturers – an eye-opener to me as I’d have thought that Pagans weren’t into that sort of financial activity, which,  it could be argued, is one of the causes of pollution in its pursuit of profit.

The three Pagans then discuss whether Earth Hour was really worth it and conclude that it’s time to do ‘something’ before it’s ‘too late’, but neglect to say what should be done and within what time frame.

Candles, drumming, trances and an intellectual outcome as limp as a week-old lettuce kept out on the kitchen worktop.

What a profitable use of an hour in the darkness that was.

If the future of this planet lies with people this deluded, myopic and so devoid of rational thought then it really is fucked up beyond hope.

I urge you to read the whole entry – it really is funny, if a little surprising that it seems these people don’t do some heavy drugs, which is the only reason I can see for talking to non-existent goddesses and going into a trance when hearing a drum…

And yes, I am pouring scorn on some people’s beliefs – no believer in non-science and fairy tales should be allowed to misrepresent their beliefs as fact to influence or control people, whether they’re a Pagan, a Creationist, a Catholic, a Muslim or whatever.

People can hold whatever religious beliefs they want, but when those beliefs become accepted as fact then it’s time to slap those people down before they drag us down into sharing their ignorant and irrational world views.

(And don’t get me fucking started on fucking crystal shops…)

The other blog entry was slightly more alarming – particularly so when one of the comments seemed to take a somewhat sinister turn…

It’s headed ‘You Selfish Bastards!’ which is a bad start although it soon loses its hectoring tone.

Indeed, it soon becomes rather pathetic:

It was a nice hour to spend together in all silence. Sitting there in almost darkness and talking about different things. It was very nice. Kind of relaxing, as we didn’t have the TV on or anything. No distraction or other sounds polluting our surroundings.

We often have such times in our home and it rather took me aback to think that someone had to have the Earth Hour propaganda machine on their ass to get them to actually dim the lights, turn off the TV etc and just talk.

As for that somewhat sinister comment…

Next year I would suggest that we kind of out those who don’t participate. Not to only kind of send them on guilt-trip, but also letting our governments around the world know that far too many people don’t care about this planet.

So, the kind of author of this comment – a certain kind of ‘xen’ – would kind of out me for kind of not participating in Earth Hour when for the other 8 759 hours in the year I kind of try and economise on electricity wherever and whenever I kind of can?

Well, fuck you, xen – you kind of fascist cunt.

You’re the kind of climate change zealot who’s going to kind of alienate more people than you’ll ever kind of ‘recruit’.

Fuck you kind of twice.

With a kind of fluorescent tube.

Then there was the blogger who turned off all their lights and then played with their Wii for an hour…the Viet-Namese blogger who wrote: My house was not completely lights out since my parents were watching TV and don’t want to disrupt them since my mother would be incest if she missed any minute from the Saigon Broadcasting Network…and the Australian blogger who calculated that more power was consumed when people turned the lights back on than was saved by turning them off in the first place…

Oh, and power stations still produce electricity when all the lights are out and sometimes that power has to be ‘dumped’…

In conclusion, I think we now have to accept that Earth Hour will be a regular annual event and – like other annoying yearly rituals like Red Nose Day – will be hyped to fuckery and hijacked by celebrities whilst doing little to address the real issues involved.

Mark my words, next year we’ll be urged to buy ‘Earth Hour’ candles and then light them at 8.30 PM in some sort of ‘gesture’.

Here’s my gesture:

People…you’ve been suckered again.


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