Fuck the Elves

I never did like the Elves in the Lord of the Rings trilogy – both the books and the interminable films.

I found them self-righteous and rather superior.

So, it was comforting to find a blog by some of the bastards that proved my suspicions to be valid.

I’m not going to name it – yet – suffice to say that these creatures demonstrate the worst kind of blinkered and dogmatic thinking that makes the envoronmentalists one of the most dangerous groups of people who threaten the world today.

Here’s some of the blog entry that caught my attention:

Now, myself being of the elven persuasion, of course I’m thrilled at such a simple yet practical idea for helping to raise awareness about conservation. Conserving on electricity is a great way to help cut CO2 emissions, which contribute to global warming. It’s one of those things that makes us as individuals feel like we really can do something about it. And while we’re sitting quietly for an hour, we may also find ourselves inspired to do other things as well, or at very least, become more mindful about how much power we consume and practice lowering that.

I was going to spend my hour playing SL on my charged-up laptop, heh, but our router’s going to be unplugged as well. …just sit tight, light a bunch of candles, unplug everything you can get away with unplugging, and relax. Enjoy the quiet for an hour. There’ll be time for SL drama afterwards.

Second Lifers…that explains a lot…

Here’s my comment:

Just two candles will produce as much CO2 as a single light bulb – *and* add other less desirable compounds to the atmosphere…

That was all I wrote – no insults – just a straightforward statement of FACT.

And here’s how it got answered by these ‘caring’ folk:

[Reply – Archimides first]: The carbon in candles made from beeswax is biogenic, meaning it was taken out of the atmosphere by living things — recently. The CO2 from burning it just part of the carbon cycle, not added carbon from fossil fuels, so the net increase in the atmospheric CO2 load is: zero.

You sound like one of those people who takes pleasure in putting people down. Too bad for you.

[Mistletoe]: Hi, Steve, welcome to my blog. You probably mistook me for one of those “new agey woo woo” elves who doesn’t actually do homework in the real world. Easy mistake to make I suppose. We’re not talking about the carbon dioxide that comes out of a light bulb; we’re talking about the coal burned to power the light bulb. I could go out of my way to get the data on how many tons of CO2 get dumped into the atmosphere by power plants. I’m not half the mathematician himself is, but I know how to use a “greater than/less than” sign. The thing is, though, you’re not worth the effort. Spouting hot air puts way more CO2 out there than a couple candles.

(Who mentioned beeswax? I didn’t! And I also realise that CO2 is not emitted by a light bulb.)

This is what those of us who choose not to adopt the green agenda will have to face – on an increasing and daily basis – if things continue as they are doing.

You’ll get talked down to, insulted, told that your opinion is totally without value, that you’re destroying the planet, that you are an evil person and that ‘you’re not worth the effort’.

Nice, eh?

Now, these pathetic Elves, who are as Elvish as my left nut , are just the poor fuckers who’ve been suckered by the people with the real agenda – and this real agenda isn’t about saving the planet, it’s about controlling its inhabitants.

These people might be patsies, but they’re fucking dangerous.

So, to put it simply, fuck the Elves – and all the rest of the fairy-tale folk.


2 Responses

  1. I want to punch you in the face! 😡 ELVES ROCK!

  2. All you’ve done by your belligerent attitude is make me more convinced that elves suck.
    They need a good spray with insect repellent.

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