Eco-conning our children

The entry copied below is pretty much typical of many of the teenage blogs I’ve read about Earth Hour.

Yesterday (March 28)  from 8:30 to 9:30 PM, was “Earth Hour”; For Earth Hour, everyone was supposed to turn out their lights, timezone by timezone. My family turned off our lights and electronics and sat in the living room in the dark for an hour. Fun, right? Actually, it was, knowing that we were contributing to the saving of our planet. None of our neighbors turned off their lights, and the streetlights and business lights were all on. I think that our area should have formally participated. I was reading online that all across the globe, cities “were plunging into darkness for Earth Hour” ( I’m not saying that we (as an area) don’t do anything green, we just don’t give as much of an effort as everyone else seems to be giving.

I’m not dissing the idealism – that’s a teenage thing and you’ve got to love them for it.

What gets me is how the people behind Earth Hour have failed so miserably to tell people that turning your lights off for an hour does absolutely nothing to save energy but is, rather, a symbolic act.

Consequently, everybody who hasn’t read into what the event is really intended to achieve now thinks that they’ve done their little bit to save the planet in 2009 and hopes to get more people involved next year.

Meanwhile, we continue to waste vast amounts of energy, which is wrong no matter whether you believe in the reality of climate change or not.

It’s just like Red Nose Day when people can stick a quid in a bucket and think that everything will be OK until they have to do it again next year.

People have been conned and not even our kids are safe from it.

They’re being taught about this subject on a shaky scientific basis and fed gimmicks to deliberately mislead and misinform them.

Shame on the deceivers!


2 Responses

  1. Yep, the thing that worries me about EarthHour is how it resembles the concept of Carbon Offsetting. It does nothing (or at least very, very little) to stop environmental damage, simply giving people a quick one-stop method of assuaging their guilt.

  2. Or you can go one step further – like a certain Mr A Gore – and pay your carbon offsetting to a company you part own…

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