Jade Goody – time to calm down a bit

It’s time that everybody – from the ‘Heat’ reader in the street down to Gordon Brown – got the whole Jade Goody thing into perspective.

I think it’s fair to say that she had very little talent but was lucky enough to make a lot of money from her celebrity and there’s nothing wrong with that.

If I was in a similar position I’d have milked my celebrity status for all it was worth to provide for my kids when I was gone.

It was also pretty inevitable that by having cervical cancer and being in the pubklic eye she would motivate women to go for smear tests.

However, to turn her into some sort of low rent Princess Di figure – and that’s the only person I can compare her to in terms of the public outpouring of grief – and praise her courage quite so fulsomely is just excessive.

Every day, many people die in similar very brave ways and those left have to pick up the pieces without the fucking Prime Minister bleating on about their courage and without the first class medical care that Jade Goody got.

No disrespect intended to Jade in any way – it’s all this excessive sentiment and ostentatious grief that gets me.


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