Yet another government initiative…

It’s becoming a bit of a struggle to contain my anger at each new government initiative to get on top of the many problems this country faces.

Each new idea seems more futile, more wasteful and more desperate than the one before it and just digs this country deeper and deeper into a hole of frightening proportions.

Today, the spotlight’s on immigrants to the UK, who face a £50 surcharge on their visas.

This should net £70 million over two years, which is akin to attaching a severed leg with an Elastoplast.

Hazel ‘I’m just a simple Northern lass wi’ me whippet in the bath and me scrag end in me Gucci shopping bag’ Blears made me laugh when she said that the existing infrastructure of schools and hospitals had been well-funded by the government since 2001 – inferring that the new money was being pumped into a healthy system anyway.

Sorry, Haze, but in the light of many recent reports and public inquiries these institutions are totally fucked in spite of the billions spent on them and then wasted in a smokescreen of  poor leadership, focus groups, target setting, tick boxes, spin and IT catastrophes.

You can throw £70 million at them to help compensate for an increasing immigrant population but it’s going to do absolutely no good at all.

You might as well give the dosh to Sir Fred Goodwin – at least some of it wouldn’t be wasted when it leaked back into the economy…


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