Daily Mail scoop!

OK, OK…it’s not even remotely newsworthy, but one of the ‘stories’ – and I really am using that word extremely loosely – in today’s Mail really stands out as just plain fucking stupid.

It concerns Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees who passed through Los Angeles Airport on his way back from playing a charity show in Australia for victims of the recent bushfires.

Jo Clements – yes, the guilty really should be named – wrote (if you can call it that):

In his Seventies heyday he was famed for a lion’s mane of hair, spectacular flares and a willingness to display his chest.

Now only the open-necked shirt remains.

Barry Gibb, the 62-year-old Bee Gee, looked a far cry from the image we all remember as he waited to go through security at Los Angeles airport.

The white figure-hugging silk outfits have given way to dark trousers and a baggy grey hooded sweatshirt.

The Barry Gibb she refers to wearing silk outfits was over 30 years younger for fuck’s sake!

Another salient fact is that his health isn’t great – he has heart problems and arthritis.

So, once more, we see that there are no limits to the penetrating and probing that goes on at the Mail and we can all thank Ms Clements for this revelatory insight regarding the human condition:

People look older as they become older.


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