‘Chopper’ Stephenson screws up

The new Metropolitan Police boss is already in the news – and not for a good reason…

After a dramatic swoop on a known gang of crims with 80 rozzers and a helicopter it emerged that the gang’s handler had already been arrested.

After the faux pas – I hope you appreciate the fact that I decided not to call it a ‘fuck up’ – Sir Paul Stephenson was quoted as saying:

That’s policing. This was the culmination of a long-running operation which has seen a number of people arrested. This was all about catching villains and making people feel safer in their homes. The operation was very professional. The suspect was not there but that’s the nature of police work.

It might have been policing, but it wasn’t a very good example.

Not that such screw ups aren’t uncommon.

I was involved in one myself several years ago.

Someone I knew once had to appear in a magistrates court on a charge. He’d been manipulated by the other person he was charged with and who was also wanted for several other crimes. I informed the police he would be at the court and gave them the time of the hearing.

No-one appeared to arrest him, even though he showed up on the day.

Intelligence, Sir Paul – also part of police work.

Lack of intelligence – part of what’s wrong with our police in general, particularly when a senior policeman comes out with stuff like this:

He also revealed that he was concerned about how police were seen when they were out on patrol. He said: “Instead of talking to each other I want them to look at people and talk to people. I want the public to feel that the cop owns the street on their behalf. “

Yes, that was ‘Chopper’ Stephenson again…

‘Owns the street’?

Ye gods.


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