Over and under

Two stories caught my eye today on the BBC News site.

One seems to me to be about overreaction and the other about underreaction.

As much as I abhor the BNP and its beliefs and methods, I really don’t think that violence is the best method to use against them. The sick fucks are going to portray themselves as the injured party – which I suppose they are in this case – and make political capital out of the fact that they were attacked at a legitimate BNP campaign event.

As soon as you resort to violence you’ve lost whatever argument you had in the first place

Education is the only viable response to the threat they pose – given that only a moron would join the BNP in the first place.

As for the two lowlifes who have been intimidating vulnerable people and driving them out of their homes, why the fuck were they just given ASBOs?

Furthermore, the ASBOs pertain only to Exeter.

Given the nature of their offences – they drive people out of their homes – what’s to stop them doing this in Bristol, Southampton, Dundee…in fact, any-fucking-where?

In this case, I would have thought a jail term would have been the best response.

Sgt Andy Nordqvist, from Exeter’s neighbourhood policing team, said it was a “fantastic result for vulnerable members of the community in Exeter”.

Andy’s obviously very easily pleased.

One last thought…

Why is it that when you see the photos of people who have committed really nasty crimes they often seem to look like you’d expect such criminals to look?

That ‘cuckoo’ pair just look plain wrong.

So did Rhys Jones’ killer.

A genuine question, by the way…


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