Drink and drugs


It would mean most bottles of wine could not be sold for less than £4.50.

Now, I live right next to a churchyard that’s been the venue for teenage drinking sessions – thankfully, it no longer seems to be – and I’ve seen the empties left behind after a night’s piss up.

I counted the empty Stella cans once and, if my memory serves me correctly, the score was in the high teens – say 18.

I also counted the empty wine bottles and the score was precisely zero.

People tend to neck beer and it’s the drink of choice for most adolescents.

Not so in the case of wine.

So, I’m suggesting a higher tax on known types of drinks that are widely abused such as alcopops, cider and lager.

I don’t agree with the proposals, but let’s at least target them.

What’s suggested penalises the wrong people.

But – even better – let’s legalise ALL drugs.

That way we can tax them to pay for the policing of matters more worthy of police attention, improve their purity, eliminate the associated crime, put real money into rehab and education and stop this ridiculous war on drugs that’s never going to be won.

2 Responses

  1. I have had lengthy conversations with mates (ironically while drunk) about this topic. More ‘good’ from the govenment for the public to stop what has always happened through the ages of people going out and getting drunk. When your younger you only need a few beers or one bottle of wine to get drunk so this raising the price thing is utterly useless. Furthermore people save up to go on a night out it will just mean an extra week in saving the pennies for that night out, the amount of alcohol consumed on the night will be the same. Raising the price of alcohol and creating a kind of prohibition (which didn’t work in the US)will just fuel shady practices by the local thugs, more moonshine type booze will show up to beat the prices and then you have lots of bad medical side effects by drinking that stuff. Driving wine and beer up will just mean kids will seek out harder stuff as it’s more value for money and voila you have teenagers hitting whisky and vodka rather then some cheep beer or wine and that can’t be good.

    The government really need to be sacked, fuckwits the lot of them…and I’m talking about everyone who is currently a politician and get some people with common sense running the country.

  2. Yeah, Pablo, you’re spot on.
    If these proposals go through then price differentials are going to be blown away.
    Broadly speaking, 4 cans of strong cider which are currently about a quarter of the price of a bottle of vodka will cost over half the price of the vodka, even after it’s been taxed more.
    The vodka will cost about £2 more whilst the cider will cost £4 more.
    As usual, no-one’s really thought this through.
    What a surprise…

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