PRS – Pathetic Retarded Shitheads?

It’s bad enough having to cope with the greed and stupidity of the record companies when you’re a musician, but when organisations like the PRS start to fuck things up for you it must be well-nigh impossible to even contemplate making a living out of music.

Here’s what I wrote about the situation in a newsgroup I frequent.

>”Steve Porter, head of the PRS, said he was “outraged… shocked and
>disappointed” by YouTube’s decision.
>In a statement, Mr Porter said the move “punishes British consumers and the
>songwriters whose interests we protect and represent”.”
>Hang on a minute….Outraged?? Why? because they won’t be making the money
>they had expected out of the vids any more?  It’s YT’s choice if they “show
>and pay” or “not show and not pay”.
>The PRS seems to think that YT has an /obligation/ to show copyrighted
>material now.
>Another example of the arrogance of this part of the music industry.

Quite – although there’s also an element of myopic fuckwittedness in
there somewhere.

I’d suggest, in fact, that the PRS should insist on ZERO payment for
YouTube showing videos as they’re a promotional/marketing tool – an
‘advert’ as it were.

They should be paying fucking YouTube!

Think about it.

You bring out a new line in crisps – let’s say Bono’s Jockstrap
flavour – a surefire winner if ever’n there wuz one.

You advertise on commercial TV but YOU charge THEM…

See anything a bit awry with this business model?

Said TV channels tell you to FUCK all the way OFF – and then you get
all arsey and pissy and say, OK, I’m not going to advertise on your

Who loses?

Well, everybody in a way, but mostly you and your new line in rockstar
underwear snackfoods.

The words ‘shoot’, ‘self’ and ‘foot’ spring to mind.

If I was in anything but a high-selling, well-established act, I’d be
after the people at PRS who were responsible for this cockwittery and
demand their scrota on a platter right fucking now.


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