More Daily Mail idiocy

FFS…the Mail can’t even keep up with the world of gardening…

All our lilies are DOOMED according to the palsied rag.

Well, Mrs Shark has been picking Lily Beetle larvae off her lilies for at least 4 years here in the East Midlands or wherever the hell Milton Keynes is, which makes the alarmist tone of the Mail seem even more hysterical than usual.

Stick to the usual crap, chaps – prostitutes living in our wheelie bins or benefit cheat Lesbian mums stealing the yoghurt from our doorsteps.

And before these examples are considered too extreme, this story is actually running in the Mail today.

More people know how to apply for benefits than darn a sock

They were once considered skills essential for everyday life.

But having the ability to rewire a plug, darn a sock or change a wheel is, it seems, no longer so important.

These days people are more likely to know how to apply for state benefits – or set up a Facebook account – than carry out many such old-fashioned tasks.

What fucking planet do those benighted fuckwits who write this shit actually inhabit?

Wherever it is, the combined efforts of mankind should be focused on designing and manufacturing a gigantic missile, launching it at said planet and blowing it out of existence.


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