Road overkill

Yet one more good reason to get the fuck out of this country.

I’m sure everyone recognises that there have to be speed limits, but to raise them from 50 to 60mph on two thirds of our rural roads is just overkill.

Yes, I’m sure there are many stretches of road which will merit such a reduction, but not on this scale.

Once again the government has shown itself to be too hastily pushed into legislation by dubious statistics, bad driving and the bleatings of the green lobby.


3 Responses

  1. Sadly, those in charge still fail to see that it’s *inappropriate* speed and other risk-taking (e.g. dangerous overtaking) that’s the real problem.

    Reduce the speed limits, and more people will take ill-judged attempts to overtake – resulting in more accidents.

    And what’s the fascination with even more cameras?! I think the newer, speed-detecting “slow down” signs do better by shaming the driver into slowing down…

  2. Yes, once again we all have to suffer because of the incompetent motorists who drive without regard for road conditions – weather, speed and density of traffic, time of day, etc, etc.
    What we need is signed variable speed limits but that would cost too much – although not as much as this integrated transport system everyone’s been banging on about for decades and that still has to appear before I’ll use my car less.

  3. Or we all have a black box that’s controlled by a central uber-computer that tracks our every move; traffic, road and weather conditions; whether we’ve brushed our teeth or not; tests our IQs every 9 seconds…

    …give it 10 years 😉

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