The Mail and Leila Deen

The Mail’s reporting of the Leila Deen/Peter Madelson custard incident is amazing.

They seem to have taken the plane stupid bitch under their wing (geddit?) in their rush to report Mandelson’s embarrassment – nice photos of the career activist with a flask of green custard and lots of snappy quotes.

However, they’ve shot themselves in the foot rather because although they state she’s been involved in direct action they don’t seem to have twigged that she’s been up to these little tricks for several years now as a professional activist.

In fact, she’s just the sort of person they normally love to hate.

The Mail was even suckered in to describing her as a ‘charity worker’, which is just bollocks.

Inevitable I suppose, given the level of background research the average Mail hack seems to aspire to.

Of course, the comments from readers are the usual mix of middle class mutual masturbation spiced up with some real viciousness.

Here’s a good one that’s only just this side of literate – of course, as it was Mandelson the normally law-abiding Mail reader is quite entitled to become a little more frisky and extrovert:

Shame is was only custard!!! That lying corrupt coward need’s far worse thrown over him.

– K. Walsh-Johnson, Cheshire, UK,






Why is he a coward?

I don’t know about you, but I’d be scared shitless if someone threw an unknown substance over me.

However, perhaps K Walsh-Johnson of Cheshire is made of sterner stuff than myself or Peter Mandelson even though he or she can’t write for shit…

Then there’s the appeal such a story has to the more mature Mail reader:

All that green gung, he he
It was like a scene off Tiswas. What a shot…Chris Tarrant and Sally James would have been proud of her.

– Alan, Warrington.,

What the fuck is ‘gung’?

But comments such as this didn’t go down well with the normally law-abiding Mail readers:

Pathetic protest from this childish group of posh hypocrites. Sympathies to Mandy and I hope he presses charges.

Fucking hypocrites.

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