Leila Deen – please get in MY way!

Story of the past week has to be Peter Mandelson’s baptism in green custard by Leila Deen.

Yes, more direct action bollocks.

People such as Ms Deen frighten me – especially when she comes out with shit like this:

“Democracy has failed us.

“It’s direct action and direct action historically has been a major way that we have got change. You can look back historically through the suffragettes, through the miner strikes, through all of the major changes. It’s about putting yourself in the way.”

Got that?

She – whoever the self-appointed fuck she is – says democracy has failed.

The suffragettes had absolutely no alternative as they didn’t even have the right to vote – Ms Deen does, although she seems to not recognise the value of what her heroines fought so hard to win for women.

As for the miners, I was an ardent supporter but I can’t really say direct action achieved much when you look at the results today.

Incidentally, Ms Deen seems to forget that she once supported direct action against power stations run on coal.

Now there’s a lack of joined up thinking…

It (whatever the fuck ‘it’ is) all about putting yourself in the way, says our middle-class champion of  the environment.

Fair enough, Ms Deen, put yourself in the way of my petrol-guzzling Fiesta and I’ll be glad to run you the fuck over.

Fascist cunt.



Amazingly, she’s made me feel sorry for Mandelson – and I’d have thought that nothing or nobody could have ever made me feel that way.


2 Responses

  1. This woman has serious delusions of grandeur…camparing throwing custard at someone to chaining yourself to railings and throwing yourself under the king’s horse? Please…she needs to read up on the history of her “direct action”.

  2. A little touch of the Drapers about the whole thing, I reckon. A handy cameraman, a nice middle-class chutney mom on standby, Mandelsnake gets some victim-status going, Gordon has a joke ready and the not-at-all hectoring po-faced narcissistic ecobot wimmins-effort “Leila” gets to talk down to the little people about how we’re all destwoying the pwanet.

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