Leila Deen, fuck off

I’d just like to put a couple of facts straight and scatter a few more opinions about with regard to our new national heroine, Leila ‘democracy has failed us but never fear because I’m here to tell you all what to think now’ Deen.

First of all, she’s not some ‘young girl’ as one idiotic blogger called her, she’s twenty-fucking-nine.

(The same idiotic blogger also called her ‘plucky’ – that’s not plucky, that’s just downright fucking nasty.)

Secondly, she’s not just an individual acting alone, she’s a career activist involved with the World Development Movement and Plane Stupid.

Mandelson was not ‘surprised’ at the green custard attack, I’m guessing, but scared absolutely shitless.

Before anyone comments that he deserved it then I suggest you put yourself in his place, as an ex Northern Ireland Secretary.

It could have been paint remover for all he knew and if you think that’s acceptable, either in reality or suggested as some sort of stunt then, frankly, fuck you and the palsied agitprop nag you crawled in on.

I’m just sorry it wasn’t John Prescott she attacked.

Maybe he’d have hung one on her.

A couple even.

On balance, I think I will continue to take my chance with democracy which seems to offer a more peaceful approach (apart from kicking a few deserving arses!) to solving the world’s problems and totally reject direct action which seems to be instituted by arseholes who are convinced that only they are right and so fuck the rest of us.

4 Responses

  1. Hi. I am the “idiotic blogger” to whom you refer and she is 18 years my junior. I think that I’m entitled to call her “young” don’t you?
    Yes. I do think that she is “plucky” but that’s just my opinion and no matter how much you might disagree, I’m entitled to it.
    If you watched the first BBC News report on the incident you’d have heard her say that she told Mandelson that she was holding custard a few seconds before she threw it. I may be wrong (I often am) but I believe her. Only the first coverage reported this by the way. (The usual “convenient” editing by the BBC if you ask me.)
    Standing up for a deputy prime minister who punched a man in the face for throwing an egg and then wasn’t fired for doing it is pretty sad in my own humble opinion. He was in a responsible position and should have shown an example. What chance have we to stop the youth of today glassing each other after a few pints in the pub when we see behaviour like that from our deputy prime minister? It was disgraceful behaviour.
    Your supposition that we, the people, EITHER accept democracy and law and order OR take unlawful direct action is a fallacy. Democracy is something that has been won over time through struggle.
    Leila Deen may have been wrong to do what she did. I don’t know. Unlike her, I’m not young enough anymore to know everything.
    What I do know is this. When true democracy is given a plastic veneer so that those in power merely give the appearance of listening but do not in fact do so; when we are told that we can “Have Our Say” on the BBC website but unfavourable comments are routinely censored; when those who govern us take too much control by using all the technological means at their disposal to create a mock democracy (which is what I believe we have today) then direct action is sometimes the only way to win back our freedom. Democracy isn’t just a point in time that we reach. Democracy isn’t just a point in time. It is a step on a ladder where we can go up or down. It was Thomas Jefferson who said “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance”. Maybe Ms. Deen truly believes she is helping to stop our decent by doing what she has done.
    Lastly, I would agree that it was an assault and she is subject to the rule of law just like the rest of us. She may have been prepared to take the consequences however. It is not her fault that she was not arrested. If I were a policeman I would have arrested her.
    (Very lastly, and if I may be so bold as to make a personal criticism, in my opinion you are being overly aggressive in your expression of your own opinion. There is no need for bad language. The true democratic process allows everyone to have their say in equal measures.)
    Kind regards.

  2. Well, she’s 29 years my junior but she’s still not a ‘young girl’. However, this is not just an exercise in semantics. By describing her as a ‘young girl’ you make her actions seems excusable as just one of the follies of youth.

    In fact, she’s a 29 year old woman who has chosen direct action as a career – not some headstrong idealistic student indulging in a jape.


    Well, that may be your opinion but I fail to see what was plucky about it.

    I cannot stress how totally shocking and frightening it must be to have something thrown at you when you are a high profile figure of any type. As Prescott said in his recent video clip, when he was ‘egged’ he had no idea what the hell the sticky feeling at his neck meant. It could have been blood.

    Yes, he lashed out but I suggest that many of us would do the same regardless of who we were. It’s human nature to flee or fight. Prescott chose fight because that was the easiest option at the time and I think anyone who blames him for that reaction and says that he should have shown more restraint is only looking at the whole incident from a very narrow viewpoint.

    As I said in another blog entry, that could have been paint remover and not green custard.

    Perhaps she didn’t think that Mandelson would not know it was green custard, in which case she has shown a disturbing level of naivety.

    As you say, democracy is something we’ve fought long and hard to obtain, but Ms Reed seems to think that it doesn’t work anymore.

    Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    By her very actions she’s helping to destroy it.

    Do we want our politicians any more hidden behind security than they already are? Do we want them riding around in armoured limousines as Obama is in the US?

    Mandelson and his security team obviously thought that security was adequate before he was attacked. I suspect that this will now be reviewed after Ms Deen’s attack.

    I have no doubt whatsoever that Ms Deen and her associates truly believe that what they are supporting is a worthy cause and that direct action is their only effective option, but that doesn’t make her right or her cause a valid one.

    The main problem that I and many others have with extremists such as her is that they’ve already decided that they are right and everyone else is wrong without bothering to factor in the opinions and rights of others.

    However, and fortunately for the vast majority of our population, society is broadly tolerant of people’s opinions and seeks to protect their right to be expressed unless some line is overstepped.

    In the case of Ms Deen it certainly was overstepped and the democratic process shown to be held in contempt by a certain section of the community who seem to place no value on what has been fought for – on their behalf – over the years.

    As for my aggressive stance – they’re only words.

    There is no bad language because there is no good language.

    There is just language that can be used as those who use it see fit.

  3. I absolutely loathe and detest Peter Mandelson and the day he and his ilk are driven out of office by the will of the mass of the people is the day I’ll be rejoicing. However, for a self appointed ‘activist’ to decide she has the right to bypass the democratic process and undertake the infantile act of chucking green custard in Mandelson’s face beggars belief…

    The one thing that is scarier than the likes of Mandelson is a self righteous activist who shows utter contempt for the democratic protest by not even bothering to win the debate and gain some kind of legitimacy and instead undertakes a stupid and counter-productive gesture. Has it achieved any purpose? Has it hell! All the discussion after the incident has been about Deen and her act…there has been barely a word about the issue of the third runway at Heathrow that was supposedly the motivation for what she did.

  4. Whatever the ethics of her custard-throwing incident, this Leila Deen is obviously too bloody stupid to understand basic satire. It’s Mandelson, for God’s sake… it has to be mushy peas or guacamole!

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